Acecore aerial surveying mapping drones

Land surveying, 3D mapping, LIDAR imaging. Acecore works with renowned partners to deliver end-to-end hard- and software solutions for surveying, construction and agriculture.

Routinely mapping of objects, stretches of land or constructions leads to insightful discoveries. Think of benefits such as vital maintenance of gas pipelines or anomalies in crop water irrigation system that can be foreseen. Zoe’s RTK precision guarantees an identical flight each time so users can compare and overlay 3D snapshots.

Acecore offers a variety of drone-payload combinations that are capable of carrying out these missions. Being multirotors, these drones are capable of mapping smaller as well as larger areas with sharp corners. For automated land surveillance, there is a Zoe with a MicaSense multispectral camera artificial intelligence on board. For 2D and 3D mapping of constructions, a Sony A7 series camera has been integrated.

Mapping solution

As one of the first in the industry, Acecore is able to cut down on post processing time for mapping missions drastically. Acecore offers several mapping solutions where users will get the RTK GPS and drone position data directly on the image's metadata. This custom module can be combined with a wide variety of payloads, including the renowned Sony A7 series and the industry leading Phase One iXM100, well as all Workswell WIRIS thermal cameras.


Autonomous flight

Acecore's Zoe quadcopter wil carry out mapping missions completely autonomously. The operator will define the applicable surface area on their laptop, which allows the software to define the flight path and image trigger points automatically. After a manual takeoff, Zoe will then complete the mission while the output is already being processed in the cloud. After its autonomous return to launch, users can take out the SD card and directly upload the images to photogrammetry software, including Airobot, Agisoft and Pix4D to create accurate cartography maps.

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Case study

Actions speak louder than words, and if an image says a thousand words then a video says a million. Acecore took its own product to the field and carried out a land surveying mission. Below video will demonstrate the process from begin to end, showing how you can use Acecore’s Zoe/ Sony A7 R ii mapping drone to survey a specific area and create 3D maps.

SONY A7 series

Sony’s A7 series mirrorless cameras are highly suited for mapping, surveying or land inspection missions. Acecore offers fully integrated bundles where users will have complete control over the camera’s functions, even while airborne. Opting for the ‘mapping module’ option at purchasing, results in automatic in-flight camera triggers as well as GPS and drone metadata directly on the picture.