Controller Options

Herelink George

Our most popular remote features enhanced battery life and is designed for the needs of surveying, inspection and security operations. Constructed from carbon fiber for a lightweight yet strong construction, the George Herelink can last for several days of work without recharging.

The system works with an optional, detachable computer tablet with pre-installed mission planner software, providing simple single-operator workflows. Users can easily generate flight paths for autonomous mapping flights, and seamlessly switch between FPV footage and payload camera footage on the same device.

16 km

Achievable range for built-in all in one datalink.


Two way data encryption.

Acecore Signav Ultra

The proprietary and radio-agnostic Signav Ultra is built on top of the Panasonic FZ-M1 to be a military-grade ground station with features including drop, dust, and water resistance (IP65). Its radio is configurable from the factory to fit in existing (military) networks or selected frequency bands, while the button layout is carefully selected to work with a range of high-end ISR sensors including the NextVision Raptor X80.

The remote is Windows-based with 8GB RAM and a hot-swappable battery.

Radio options include Doodle Labs Helix and Persistent Systems MPU5.

1625 - 2510 MHz

Configurable frequency range with global coverage.


Professional and military graded tablet.

Dual Operator setup

If the inspection job is too complex for the pilot to also control the payload, this master-slave controller combination offers the ability to add a second remote. The dedicated camera operator gets their own 1000cd/m2 high brightness display and takes full control over the payload to reveal all details.

Each smart controller is IP53 with a dedicated HDMI-out to output live video stream.

15 km

Achievable range for built-in all in one datalink.


Dust and waterproof transmitter.

FrSky controller

Completely configurable controller with several datalink and range options

George FrSky is a modular base station that allows drone pilots to expand the functionality of the standard FrSky controllers, with up to three FPV displays or other modules. Capable of powering the controller and attachments through multiple flights, George provides a highly convenient way to control the drone and its payloads from one setup, doing away with the need for multiple controllers and inefficient switching.

With a lightweight carbon fibre construction and modular quick-release attachment system, George provides an ideal way to seamlessly transition from piloting to camera and payload operation and back with ease, facilitating a wide range of commercial and professional drone missions.

The FrSky controller can be configured as a stationary ground station. Inside the rugged casing, there’s an ultra bright 15″  monitor, which can be used in bright sunlight and will provide the pilot or camera operator with the screen real estate he needs.

Using the provided carbon fiber tripod, the ground station pro can be set at any desired height up to 1.80m. Thanks to its rugged shell and extra bright large monitor, the ground station pro is well suited for security, emergency response and live inspection missions with either Neo, Zoe or Noa.