Our roots are in the creative industry; we know the struggles and limitations. This allowed us to adjust our products and support services to levels on the edge of perfection. On this page, you can find an equipment setup which will get the job done for sure. If you require a more personalized solution, though, that’s no problem; just let us know.



Although we care for all our partners, cinema is something that has a special place in our hearts. It is something that transcends the mere act of getting footage for the sake of it. Instead, every shot is a part of a vision, a perception, a specific view on life. A greater good. This has been a company-wide inspiration since the beginning and it will continue to be so for the years to come.


We see it as our duty to provide filmmakers with the most entrusting equipment. Enabling them to deliver that smooth as butter, perfectly framed money shot. No matter the environment.




Live broadcasting using drones is something that was introduced only a couple of years ago. Between now and then we have pioneered in the development of the techniques which has lead us to where we are now.


Having completed live broadcasting projects successfully already we know the tricks of the trade. These experiences contributed to the development and perfection of our technology and methods. Nowadays, we manufacture equipment that is qualified and capable of carrying out your live broadcasting missions.



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