Enable your creative mind

Our roots are in the creative industry; we know the struggles and limitations. This allowed us to adjust our products and support services to the edge of perfection.

There are few industries as demanding as the cinematography business. Creative directors work from an intrinsic vision that needs to be translated to a perfectly framed, vibration free shot each time. Equipment can never be the bottleneck and should always enable its user to extend their conception, be it on the ground or in the air.

Acecore drones were developed to be able to perform in any environment. Movie settings range from the scorching Dubai desert to arctic surroundings. Both Neo and Zoe can take on any of these challenges and allow their users to focus on their job as a creative mind.


If you have ever seen a movie you will recognize the captivating shots of mother nature's mesmerizing scenery. Professional teams from companies such as Pegasus Productions and HBO use Acecore's Neo drone to achieve these challenging shots.


Game of Thrones

For season 7 and 8 of HBO’s hit series ‘Game of Thrones’, an Acecore Neo was used in combination with a RED cinema camera to achieve breath taking footage of the men in the north. Working together with Pegasus Productions, Acecore was on-site to pilot the Neo and control the camera.


RED Digital Cinema is leading manufacturer of high end cinema cameras, used on the ground as well as in the air for Hollywood productions. Recognized by the #shotonred trademark, these films stand out from the crowd. Being born from the cinematic industry, Acecore drones were designed to be able to handle these top of the line camera bodies.