Professional rigs to fit the highest standard of aerial cinematography and broadcasting


Acecore Noa + SHOTOVER G1

The ultimate cinema setup

The coveted SHOTOVER G1 gyro-stabilized gimbal is the most stable and lightweight of its kind. Combined with the Acecore Noa, this setup is capable of working with the most elaborate cinema rigs, including the Alexa Mini with a longer tele lens and focus/ zoom motors. 

  • Industry leading stability at longer focal distances
  • 360 degree continuous pan, tilt and roll 
  • Remote camera control (RED, Arri, Sony, Canon, Phantom)

Acecore Zoe + Z-CAM E2

Lightweight 4K cinema setup

The Acecore Zoe has an incredible power to weight ratio, meaning it can work with true cinema bodies such as the Z-CAM E2 despite its portable form factor. The Gremsy gimbal stabilized camera shoots ProRes 422 4K footage at 160fps with 10 bit color when recorded internally.

  • Z CAM E2 4K cinema camera
  • 13 stops dynamic range
  • Full manual drone control 
  • Weather and wind proof 

Acecore Noa + Ronin 2 + RED Weapon 6K

Hollywood grade cinematography

This Acecore Noa and RED cinematography setup is meant of those challenging jobs where the DoP  requires the highest quality camera and lens combination. Noa’s payload capacity of 20kg offers endless flexibility in accessoires such as the Nucleus-M follow focus and additional LED lights. 

  • Netflix approved camera configuration
  • Takes anamorphic and heavy cine zoom lenses
  • Ronin 2 3-axis gimbal w/ gimbal control
  • 25 minutes flight time 


Always get the shot.

Acecore's cinema drones and payloads were designed to perform- on every filmset and in every corner of the world. Being all-weather-capable, all Acecore drones operate in extreme temperatures from -15°C to 50°C. Neo established its tried and true dependability on the GoT set in Iceland, where it was used by director Alan Taylor to film some critical shots for the HBO hit series.


Game of Thrones BTS

Pegasus Pictures has been a leading production house in Iceland, producing TV programs, features and commercials. If you shoot in Iceland, you work with Pegasus. It just so happens that a big part of Game of Thrones was shot in Iceland, too. Follow us in a day in the life of Pegasus' CEO, during preparations for the series.

SHOTOVER G1 Integration

Since its release, the Shotover G1 gimbal has been on our integration bucket list. It truly is the most advanced and lightweight gyro-stabilized gimbal out there, capable of working with long cine lenses and elaborate focus control systems. This year, we integrated two of them on our clients' Acecore Noas.

2018 MXGP World Champion

For one of our best #shotonred projects thus far, we chased an MXGP world champion with our Neo octocopter. Shot at motorpark Berghem.

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