Stop wasting resources, start using drones

Using our professional drone solutions for your industrial inspection needs saves time, money and manpower; as well as decreasing risk.

With quicker set-up times and unlimited viewing angles, drone inspections provide huge efficiency advantages over traditional manned methods. Power lines, solar panels and wind turbines can be visually or thermally inspected using our Neo or Zoe drone.

After years of experience in the business, there’s a variety of off-the-shelf available solutions that have proven effective for inspection service providers. Combine Acecore’s Zoe drone with a dual sensor thermal imaging system for a lightweight and endurable all-rounder, or opt for an Acecore Neo that will detect any gas leaks in your infrastructure.

Thermal inspection

Thermal imaging of buildings, powerlines or solar farms provides insight in the current state of your assets. Especially when carried out regularly, aerial inspections can point out anomalies early enough to act on them and prevent further damage.


Scalable operation

George is a modular base station that allows drone pilots to work with up to three FPV displays or other modules, which is capable of powering the controller and attachments through multiple flights. Because of the way Acecore drones communicate with George, users can switch between single- and dual operator setups seamlessly.

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Powerline inspection

Thermal inspection of vulnerable infrastructures such as bridges, buildings, wind mills and pylons can result in very insightful data. Heat/ gas leaks and other inconsistencies are easily identified from the air. Below video demonstrates a basic thermal inspection job, carried out by an Acecore Zoe and Workswell Wiris Pro.

Gas detection

Oil and gas refineries and installations often have high security standards and in case of a gas leak, time and safety is of the essence. With Neo being an electric octocopter drone, it can still operate with up to two motors failing, a valuable feature in high-risk environments. The payload of choice for this mission, is a Workswell GIS320 thermal gas detection camera.

Workswell WIRIS Pro

Workswell WIRIS Pro is designed as a fully universal thermal camera for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones/UAVs). This is a new generation of thermal cameras designed for the most demanding metrological applications, such as, but not limited to, industry, archaeology, or precision farming.