Optimize, increase efficiency and inspire UAV inspection missions.


Zoe Zetona + Sony A7r IV

High-resolution live inspection workhorse

The Zoe Zetona offers an unobstructed view for assets inspections by putting the 60.2 megapixel Sony A7r IV in a custom 2-axis gimbal up front. Controlled by the PIC or cam operator, this payload reveals the smallest details during on- and offshore inspection missions.

  • Acecore Zoe Zetona
  • Controllable Sony A7R IV in 2-axis gimbal
  • Camera operator yaw control
  • RTK GNSS precision
  • Herelink George pilot remote

Acecore Zoe + Sony A7r IV

On- and off shore visual inspection

Visually inspect assets and infrastructures up to 16km away using the completely integrated 60 megapixel Sony A7R IV and Acecore Zoe. Access all the camera’s functions while airborne and automatically geotag images straight on the SD card. 

  • Acecore Zoe quadcopter
  • Sony A7R IV in Gremsy gimbal
  • Full camera control & automatic image geotag
  • RTK GNSS precision
  • Herelink George pilot remote

Acecore Noa + Phase One iXM 100

High resolution visual inspection

The Acecore Noa is seamlessly integrated with Phase One Industrial’s iXM range cameras that deliver superior quality aerial imaging to satisfy diverse inspection applications. It offers 45 minute flight time in bottom- or top mount configuration.

  • Acecore Noa
  • Phase One iXM 100MP in Gremsy gimbal
  • Herelink George pilot remote
  • FrSky groundstation pro payload operator

Acecore Zoe + Workswell WIRIS Pro

On- and off shore thermal inspection

The WIRIS is a radiometric dual-sensor thermal camera that offers an accuracy of ±2°C to inspect, analyze and maintain your assets. Combined with the Acecore Zoe’s trustworthy flight performance and endurance even in high wind environments this is one of the highest quality thermal inspection drones available today. 

  • Acecore Zoe quadcopter
  • Workswell WIRIS Pro w/ 640x512px thermal resolution
  • 10x optical ultrazoom
  • Workswell post processing software

(Offshore) energy assets

Perform on- and offshore visual, thermal or automated inspections of energy assets such as wind turbines, chimneys and high voltage pylons. All Acecore platforms were designed to endure at least 15 and up to 18 m/s winds while a swappable Gremsy gimbal keeps the payload stable.


Powerline inspection

Thermal inspection of vulnerable infrastructures such as bridges, buildings, wind mills and pylons can result in very insightful data. Heat/ gas leaks and other inconsistencies are easily identified from the air. Below video demonstrates a basic thermal inspection job, carried out by an Acecore Zoe and Workswell Wiris Pro.

Gas detection

Oil and gas refineries and installations have high security standards and in case of a (methane) leak, time and safety is of the essence. Neo can operate with up to two motors failing, to identify the leak in any scenario using a Workswell GIS320 thermal gas detection sensor.

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