Create 3D maps of scenes, cities and densely vegetated areas.


Acecore Noa + Riegl VUX-120

High-end, high-precision LiDAR

The Riegl VUX-120 is a high-end, robust, and lightweight laser scanner that measures up to 2.400.000 dots per second, creating a dense point pattern. Measuring in three different directions the VUX-120 delivers unrivaled completeness.

  • Acecore electric hexacopter 
  • Riegl VUX-120
  • 5mm precision
  • Additional (dual) camera option

Acecore Noa + YellowScan Vx20

High accuracy precision LiDAR

The range-topping YellowScan Vx20 generates highly accurate point clouds at an accuracy of 20-30mm. Its optional dual oblique RGB sensors capture photogrammetry, further improving the point cloud quality. 

  • Acecore electric hexacopter 
  • YellowScan Vx20 LiDAR
  • Laser-guided terrain following 
  • Cloudstation post-processing software

Acecore Zoe + YellowScan Mapper

High point density and advanced accuracy

The YellowScan Mapper and Acecore Zoe configuration is ideal for general topography projects and is particularly suited for civil engineering, powerline, forestry and archeology missions. YellowScan’s CloudStation software processes the point clouds, turning data to valuable insight. 

  • Acecore Zoe quadcopter
  • YellowScan Mapper LiDAR
  • CloudStation LiDAR software
  • Optional RGB camera module

Acecore Noa + Riegl VQ-840-GL

Integrated topographic and bathymetric LiDAR

The Riegl VQ-840-GL’s unique green laser beam enables high resolution surveying of underwater topography and bathymetry. Its vibration isolated on the Noa, providing constant power and control over the LiDAR. 

  • High spatial resolution
  • 200kHz measurements rate
  • 100 scans/sec scanning speed


Fly lower and slower.

Collect higher quality data by lowering the flight altitude and flight speed. The Acecore Noa has an optional laser guided terrain following mode which ensures a constant AGL to collect data with maximum points per square meter. The drone's high endurance (>45 mins @ 2KG p-load) means users can cover lots of ground in a single flight.


Top mount RIEGL LiDAR integration

While most LiDAR surveyors prefer a traditional bottom-mounted payload, some pioneers like to mount the 3D laser scanner on top. This allows them to get under the subject and scan otherwise inaccessible locations such as the underside of bridges and other structures. The RIEGL miniVUX does so at relative accuracies of 15mm.

Nextcore efficient workflow

The fully integrated Nextcore RN-series is one of the easiest systems to use, with proprietary GPS antenna rods to determine its exact heading. The system requires just 1 push of a button to start spinning and collecting data during flight, storing the raw output on a separate USB stick, which is easily converted to high-quality point clouds in the Nextcore Fusion software.

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