Digitize the most dynamic environments, buildings and critical assets.


Acecore Zoe RTK + Sony A7r IV

Portable high resolution mapping

The Acecore Zoe works seamlessly together with the integrated Sony A7R IV to collect 60.2 megapixel high resolution data with real-time kinematic georeferencing. Zoe automatically saves GPS coordinates to the images’ EXIF data, cutting down on post processing time.  

  • Control Sony a7R IV while airborne
  • QGroundControl mission software
  • Upgraded Herelink controller
  • F9P L1/ L2 RTK rover and base station

Acecore Noa RTK + Phase One iXM100

Superior quality aerial imaging

The iXM100 from industry leader Phase One Industrial captures the highest resolution data currently available. The integration with Acecore’s Noa hexacopter means ultra stable prolonged flights for mapping bigger areas and vertical assets at the highest possible standard. 

  • Integrated Phase One iXM 100MP camera
  • Control all camera functions while airborne
  • RTK Groundstation Pro 
  • 40 mins autonomous flight time 

Zoe Zetona RTK + Sony A7r IV

First class inspection and mapping

The new Zoe Zetona’s 2-axis front mounted gimbal tilts 90 degrees downwards to active mapping mode, taking direct geo-referenced 60.2 megapixel images. GPS coordinates (LLA) and gimbal angle is stored on the image’s EXIF data on the SD card inside the Sony A7r IV. 

  • Controllable Sony a7R IV 
  • GPS Coordinates and gimbal angles on EXIF data
  • Upgraded Herelink controller
  • F9P L1/ L2 RTK rover and base station


Millimeter is the new centimeter.

Acecore offers complete integrations of the most high-end payloads available today, like the Phase One iXM-range, enabling users to complete 3D modeling jobs at close to 1 millimeter/ pixel GSD. The end-to-end integration includes full control over the camera's settings while airborne and automatic geotagging every images' coordinates.


Geotagging & 3D mapping module

Communicating with the Acecore Real Time Kinetics (RTK) base station and ground control station, the drone will autonomously fly the predefined path and take images at the right interval without ever losing speed. This means Zoe will map the 16 hectares/ 40 acres sand track in the video in less than 20 minutes, leaving the batteries around 30% charged.

Photogrammetry and LiDAR

Operators can combine RGB photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning in a single flight thanks to the Acecore Noa's large payload capacity. Because both sensors utilize the same Acecore Gremsy circular quick release, it is possible to swap them between flights or fly different sensors on different days.


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