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Emesent Expands Hovermap Compatibility to European-Made Zoe Drone

The front-mounted LiDAR provides collision avoidance during manual flights and navigates Zoe during (BVLOS) autonomous missions.

Acecore's long-established Zoe quadcopter is now available as a fully redundant octocopter.

The 8 engines total further improve Zoe's reliability and stability when handling high value inspection and land surveying payloads.

Acecore Technologies launches the Zoe Zetona- a new commercial inspection drone

The new Zoe Zetona is a front-mounted live inspection and mapping workhorse, built around the notorious Sony A7r IV mirrorless camera. Available now.

YellowScan Announces Collaboration with Acecore for a Fully Integrated LiDAR Drone Solution

The YellowScan Mapper and Acecore Zoe combine to offer best-in-class highly accurate point cloud data and flight versatility in one package.

Acecore Developer case study: Airobot introduces autonomous BVLOS drone

Airobot is the first company to release a fully operational product based on Acecore’s Developer Kit, which allows developers to take advantage of a robust and proven OEM solution.

Phase One Industrial and Acecore announce integration

Under the new agreement, Acecore will support Phase One Industrial’s iXM range of cameras in the UAV market for high-accuracy mapping and inspection.

Acecore to supply scalable drone platforms to developers

The company will start supplying drone subassemblies to third party developers. This 'Acecore Developer' program is aimed at innovative businesses from all industries.

Acecore tests drone deliveries at Schiphol Airport

Acecore Technologies was invited to demonstrate their drone delivery solution at the Netherlands' largest airport, Schiphol Amsterdam.

Acecore introduces new drone platform Noa

Acecore's next generation flagship drone is here. Noa has a payload capacity that leaves nothing to be desired and the endurance of an hour.

Acecore's Noa Hexactoper gets an official release date

The endurance-focused hexactoper dubbed 'Noa' brings several next-level features combined with the weather proofing and iconic design.

Acecore Technologies announces next level Zoe speaker drone

An emergency response Zoe quadctoper with loudspeaker & gimbal camera payload to aid in battle against the coronavirus.

Workswell and Acecore renew partnership agreement

Acecore and Workswell renew partnership agreement, supplying the market with a European made UAV platform and versatile payload combinations a variety of applications.

Acecore Technologies Selects Robotic Skies for UAS Maintenance Support

Acecore Technologies announced today that the company partnered with Robotic Skies Inc, the only certified global maintenance network for commercial unmanned aircraft systems.

Acecore Technologies supplies drone fleet to Dutch Ministry of Defense

Acecore have been working with the Dutch Ministry of Defense as a drone solution and training supplier, providing them with a fleet of Neo drones.


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