Acecore's Noa drone gets an official release date

12 may, 2020

In spite of the coronavirus outbreak and all obstructions that come with it, Acecore have been hard at work to continue with its mission; crafting elevating drones. The endurance-focused hexactoper dubbed 'Noa' brings several next-level features combined with the weather proofing and iconic design that users have come to expect from The Netherlands based company. Set to release Tuesday 26 may 2020.

The details

During the last couple of months, Acecore have been dropping hints to slowly reveal Noa's features. These were often (infuriatingly) vague and didn't reveal much. In two more weeks, every detail will be revealed. In the meantime, here's an overview of things you know already.

- Close to an hour endurance
- Hexacopter, which means it has six rotors
- There is an over-the-top chrome color option
- Maximum battery capacity is 4 x 23A
- True carbon fiber build
- Black, orange, or blue Cube flight controller
- Can resist fireball, although not recommended
- Weatherproof
- The ultimate

Acecore Technologies - Noa - The Ultimate Teaser

Stay safe.