The Acecore Noa Hybrid

Fuel Your Efficiency

After two and a half years of working on the best possible integration of our new hybrid gas-electric powertrain on the existing Noa UAV – we proudly announce our most persistent drone yet.

No More Flight-time Anxiety

Ever. This new Hybrid has a maximum endurance of 175 minutes; just short of 3 hours. Charging anxiety is a thing of the past – although the Hybrid Noa still features back-up batteries to ensure a successful result in any scenario.







Onboard Power

Noa Hybrid’s onboard gas electric power supply was developed in house through our passion for and experience with professional motorsport. The result is a highly integrated powertrain, driven by the liquid cooled generator with remote starter that supplies up to 4000W continuously to the brushless motors.


The Noa Hybrid offers additional redundancies to cover for any unexpected events – both its detachable fuel tanks contain independent backup batteries that can land the drone safely if the main power cuts out. Just as with the electric Noa, the Hybrid is able to lose one of its propellers/ motors and still land safely.


Noa Hybrid




Hybrid gas-electric

Flight controller


Flight time

160 minutes @ 2kg load

Fuel type



31 kg/ 68.3 lbs
*<25kg/ 55 lbs version available

Download Datasheet
Payload weight

Max. 6 kilograms

Fuel consumption

20gr/ min (average)

Datalink range

16 km/ 9.9 mi



Adaptable Control

The new Noa Hybrid offers both civil and military grade operator setups with compliant datalinks. The standard remote, George Herelink, offers 10km range and an optional tablet mount to use the Surface Go tablet as mission control centre. Alternatively the Acecore UXV Micronav is available with a Doodle Labs smart radio or Persistent Systems MPU5 to support STANAG 4609 streams. 

Periodic Maintenance

Acecore offers factory-certified UAS maintenance for all its platforms, now including the new Noa Hybrid. Due to the higher number of moving parts the maintenance is more intensive – but still as clearly defined and effortless to the user. Inquire about our maintenance plans if you never want to worry about checks and replacements. 

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