search & Rescue

Spare no expense for when every second counts.

Thermal search

Time is scarce, tension is rising and resourcefulness is crucial. You have nothing else on your head than completing the mission. Zoe appears, rising above the chaos, disregarding weather conditions. Confident and eager to bring home the operation.


When performing a search mission, you’re going to want to be using the highest quality equipment available. Coincidentally, we deliver just that; the best performing UAV attainable today.



Optical search

Detect, recognize and identify objects as well as people from an extended range using the 30x optical zoom provided by our system. This is complemented by a 3-axis stabilized gimbal to make sure there isn’t a single vibration standing between you and your mission.


The result is a superb machine that you can rely on, which supports the operation. Enabling you to excel at your job. Time after time.



Help dropping

Sometimes help is needed in difficult-to-access locations, in which case the only way to lend a hand is via the air.


Deliver specialized equipment/ tools on site using our custom-made drop module. It can carry up to 2 items totaling at 9 kilograms, remotely released at your command.


search & Rescue

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search & Rescue

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