Spare no expense for when every second counts

Emergency services, event management and search and rescue missions often have an unpredictable character. Acecore’s drones are the predictable factor.

Time is scarce, tension is rising and resourcefulness is crucial. You have nothing else on your head than completing the mission. Zoe appears, rising above the chaos, disregarding weather conditions. Confident and eager to bring home the operation.

When performing a security mission, you’re going to want to be using the highest quality equipment available. Coincidentally, we deliver just that; the best performing UAV attainable today. Both Neo and Zoe were designed with dependability in mind, using triple redundant autopilots and AES 128 encryption.

An eye in the sky

A view from above offers valuable insight into critical situations. Carry out surveillance, detect bottlenecks and adapt your operation accordingly. Acecore's Gary camera offers a dual sensor stabilized setup, allowing professionals to detect and recognize people of interest from kilometers distance.


Training & support

Acecore offers several RPAS training options. Tailored to the user's experience level, a personalized schedule will be constructed. Apart from learning how to fly their drone, attendants will be trained to control and use different payloads as well. After completion, each participant is presented with an official Acecore Training certificate.

Request training

Tethered Explained

Complementary to the different battery options, Acecore offers a tethered solution for Zoe quadcopter. Combined with Acecore’s Gary camera, this makes for the ultimate surveillance bundle. Contrary to existing stationary solutions, Zoe still offers a sufficient level of mobility. The entire setup can be deployed and moved in less than 15 minutes. Below video demonstrates a tethered mission and elaborates on the advantages more.

Acecore Gary

Gary is a dual-sensor EO/IR three-axis gyro-stabilized drone gimbal for detection and identification of people and objects at long range. The 30x optical zoom daylight sensor will pick out targets up to 4000m away, while the IR sensor allows drones to continue critical missions even after dark.