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Zoe M4

Rapid deployable overwatch, enhancing predictability and streamlining mission execution.

The M4 is a military quadcopter, renowned for its high performance, redundancy, and extended endurance. The M4 comes equipped with the NextVision Raptor X80, which offers a long-range EO/IR stabilized image with 80x zoom and a 1280×720 thermal resolution.

The M4 is controlled via the Acecore Signav Ultra. Users may choose between the trusted Persistent Systems MPU5, Silvus Streamcaster, and Doodle Labs smart radio.

  • STANAG 4609 video stream
  • Quadcopter
  • Acecore Signav Ultra
  • NDAA compliant


Acecore Zoe + Gary EO/ IR (Mk II)

Public safety & event security

Gary Mk II is a real workhorse. Its 3-axis gyro-stabilized drone gimbal detects and identifies people and objects at long range thanks to its 30x optical zoom. The built-in laser range finder and auto identification & tracking make sure you won’t have to miss a thing while the thermal imager ensures you can continue your work – even when the sun is down.

  • 30x optical zoom
  • Auto identification & tracking
  • 16 kilometer all-in-one datalink range
  • Upgraded Herelink controller

Acecore Noa Hybrid + Gary EO/ IR (Mk II)

Extended reach with superior thermal resolution

Gary Mk II weighing in at just under 1kg means that the Noa Hybrid can fly with upgraded fuel tanks, giving you a real-world flight time of 255 minutes. The 30x optical zoom, built-in laser range finder, and auto identification & tracking combined with great endurance make this package the most versatile tool for all your security needs.

  • 255 minutes of real-world flight time
  • Liquid-cooled generator generating 4000W of power
  • Auto identification & tracking
  • 16 kilometer all-in-one datalink range

Acecore Zoe + Elistair Safe-T 2

Unlimited surveillance endurance

Elistair’s Safe-T 2 tether system provides continuous secure power to Zoe, effectively extending its flight time to unlimited endurance. This configuration can be deployed for prolonged surveillance missions or even convoy protection with the vehicle integration kit. 

  • 12+ hours of continuous secure flight time
  • Dual-Comms, Fiber Optic, and BPL data transfer
  • Vehicle follow-me function


No matter the weather.

Acecore's industrial drones and payloads were designed to perform- in every situation and in every corner of the world. Being all-weather-capable, all Acecore drones operate in extreme temperatures from -15°C to 50°C. The Navy and other maritime branches may benefit from features like 35 knots wind resistance and dynamic homepoint, for operating and landing at sea.


Gary EO/ IR explained

An 'eye in the sky' can help tremendously at carrying out your demanding job. But what if your eye is night blind? Is far-sighted? Is vulnerable? Is unstable? In those cases your eye in the sky becomes useless and your mission is a failure. Acecore Gary payload is a gimbal-integrated dual camera that leaves nothing to be desired. It truly is an all-in-one package.

Megaphone speaker drone

Mounted under the carbon fiber Acecore Zoe, the 100 Watts loudspeaker has an audible range of 1 kilometer. At 100 meters altitude, the transmission has a volume of 80 decibels, which is as loud as heavy traffic. This makes the setup highly suited for crowd management, covering larger areas and reaching more people in less amount of time. Operators can either talk to their audience directly, or broadcast audio from a secondary device such as a laptop or a phone through the included handheld intercom.

Tether system explained

Start using the Acecore Tether system to stop worrying about flight time. It also provides safe, encoded data transfer and it can be used to remain in control over your drone, even in high radio-frequency surroundings such as a circuit or festival site. In 2021, it will be possible to integrate the tether box to any vehicle and have Zoe autonomously follow while airborne.

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